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If you are divorced and the current arrangement is no longer reasonable, it is possible to modify the original divorce decree. In most families, no matter how amicable the divorce and how careful each person was about negotiating the settlement, there is a good chance a change will eventually be needed. Washington State laws were designed to accommodate the changes that occur in life and affect a divorced family. Modifications are often made to spousal maintenance payments, child support payments, and custody agreements.

Modifying an Existing Divorce Decree

Modifications are a common request, especially when they relate to child support and custody. Custody arrangements and parenting plans can change because a parent’s work schedule changes, a child’s schedule changes, an older child wishes to make a change, or the parents agree a change is in the child’s best interest. Sometimes a modification is made because the parent with primary custody must relocate a significant distance for work. The non-custodial parent is given the opportunity to object to the change since it can be detrimental to the time he or she has to spend with the child.

Modifications to child support payments can be made every two years under Washington State law. More frequent changes are granted only if one of the child’s parents experiences a significant change in financial status.

Enforcing an Existing Decree

If your former spouse is not holding up his or her end of the divorce decree, you have a right to take legal action. An attorney can help you defend your rights and seek enforcement based on the details of the existing decree. For instance, if your child’s other parent owes back child support or is interfering with your ability to spend time with your child, the courts can step in and remedy the problem with enforcement actions.

Enforcement actions can include loss of custody or visitation rights with a child. Sometimes enforcement actions have little to do with the child. For instance, parents that fail to pay the child support they owe risk losing their driver’s license in Washington State.

If you are struggling to get money that rightfully belongs to your child or your child’s other parent is missing scheduled visitations or preventing you from enjoying your visitation, you have a right to take action. Any obligation that is detailed in your divorce decree must be honored. If it is not, you should speak to an attorney. Feldman and Lee, P.S. can help.

To learn how you can take action and defend your rights and your child’s rights, contact Feldman and Lee to schedule a consultation.

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