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Divorce is always difficult, but it can be especially complicated when you or your spouse is in the military. Despite the special circumstances, it is possible to end your marriage and move on with your life. An attorney familiar with military divorce can help you navigate the legal system and accomplish your goals as efficiently as possible.

Military Pensions

One of the most common concerns in military divorces is how military pensions are handled. In some cases the non-military spouse will receive a chunk of the pension and in others will receive little or no part of it. Military retirement benefit values are valuable, so it is important you work closely with an attorney that understands how to handle this particular asset.

Sometimes military members believe it is advantageous to delay their divorce until their military service is complete. This is usually not the case and can actually increase the claim a non-military spouse has over benefits. Maintenance claims can also increase based on the length of a marriage, so if you are ready to divorce there is little benefit in waiting to file.

Are You Stationed Outside of the Country?

It is common for military members to travel out of the country for extended periods of time and many people assume it will be easier to deal with their divorce once they are back home. Though you might have personal reasons for waiting until you return to the state, it is easy enough to file for divorce when you are out of the country, as long as you are working with an experienced attorney. And as mentioned above, postponing your divorce can increase the amount of money you are forced to pay your spouse, so unless you have a personal reason for waiting to file, you should do so sooner rather than later.

As convenient as it might seem to handle divorce on your own or download DIY divorce papers online if you are out of the country, this can backfire. You need to work with a professional that ensures everything is filed properly with the court and that your rights are protected.

At Feldman and Lee, P.S. we understand military divorce can seem overwhelming. Our goal is to help military members protect their assets and ensure that non-military members with military spouses receive the support they deserve if their marriage ends. If you are considering a divorce and military service is a factor, schedule a consultation in one of our three Seattle area offices for more information.

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